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Headshot of Lori White, President of DePauw University

Dr. Lori S. White


DePauw University

Dr. LaTanya Buck Jones is an outstanding communicator, strategic thinker, and executive coach who has deep knowledge of the critical issues facing organizational leaders, particularly with respect to issues of equity and inclusion. She has excellent group facilitation skills, is able to bring diverse individuals and groups together to engage in action-oriented problem solving and is an expert on organizational change. Additionally, her decades-long experience as a senior executive in higher education provides her with a broad and deep perspective on the complexities of leadership, and strategies for working with individuals to identify, shape and maximize an authentic and impactful leadership style. 
Headshot of Anna Dibble from The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Anna Dibble

Vice President for People & Culture

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

LaTanya brings joy, empathy, and deep knowledge to her work and facilitation. She seamlessly integrated her expertise into our leadership development program and quickly connected with our learners which provided a safe, productive, and impactful dialogue. LaTanya effortlessly masters bridging the consultant role to being a trusted partner and valued member of the organization.  
Headshot of Renita Miller at Wharton Business School  at the University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Renita Miller

Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer

Wharton Business School

University of Pennsylvania

LaTanya is an extraordinary and well-regarded strategic leader and thinker. I have had the pleasure of working with LaTanya on various diversity, equity, and inclusion projects in multiple contexts, and her collaborative strategic approach consistently delivers impactful and data driven outcomes in the DEI space. She is unparalleled in her commitment to creating equitable and inclusive environments for the organizations that she serves. 
Headshot of Julio Suárez, Managing Director, DRiWaterstone Human Capital

Julio Suárez

Managing Director 

DRiWaterstone Human Capital 

LaTanya is an asset to companies, non-profits, and government agencies. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from her career in higher education --- not only on DEI subjects but also on leadership development and team dynamics. I encourage organizations to look into The Red Brick Road for their consulting needs.
Headshot of Sonya Satinsky, Executive Director of Health and Wellness at Tufts University

Sonya Satinsky, PhD, MPH

Executive Director of Health and Wellness 

Tufts University 


I had the opportunity to join a complex ADEI initiative led by

Dr. Buck Jones; therefore, I experienced both her leadership and her facilitation up close. LaTanya helped our heterogeneous group feel like we had a common purpose, and her insight, deep well of expertise, and creation of actionable steps for our committee assured us that this initiative was not solely going to be ADEI "window-dressing." I have frequently told colleagues this experience under Dr. Buck Jones' leadership has been one of the best initiatives I've ever been a part of.

Headshot of Leanna Fenneberg, Higher Education Administrator and Executive Leader

Leanna Fenneberg, Ph.D.

Higher Education Administrator and Executive Leader 

Dr. LaTanya Buck Jones is an expert in advancing systemic change that produces equitable outcomes. Over the years, she has been a peer colleague, advisor on strategic DEI issues, and trusted workshop facilitator for our student affairs team. In every encounter, Dr. Buck Jones brings an impeccable ability to stretch minds and hearts and inspire reflection to action. She listens intently and customizes her approach to the needs of the individual/organization. Dr. Buck Jones brings her full authentic self to spaces - to promote positive organizational change where every individual can thrive as their full authentic selves.

Headshot of Dr. Nimisha Barton, Historian, Author, Equity Practitioner & Educator

Dr. Nimisha Barton
Historian, Author,
Equity Practitioner & Educator

LaTanya is a seasoned equity leader who operates with equal parts strategy and compassion. Not only has she piloted transformational initiatives, she has navigated challenging institutional reorganizations with diplomacy and aplomb. Also, as a mentor to women of color, she provides support and guidance on how to thrive within organizations.

Headshot of Mike Jones at Washington University

Dr. Michael Jones 
Director of Community Engagement and Co-curricular Education
Washington University in St. Louis 

I have had the pleasure of engaging DEI and social justice work under the leadership of

Dr. Buck Jones. I continue to marvel at her ability to inspire, inform, and bring credible insights through her consulting within DEI spaces. LaTanya is a transformative force to be reckoned with...always leading with passion and prioritizing both the individual and collective good.

Headshot of Alisha Sonnier from Ward 7, St. Louis, Missouri

Alisha Sonnier
Alderwoman, Ward 7
St. Louis, MO  

For years, I’ve been able call on the guidance and mentorship of

Dr. Buck Jones --- before I’ve started any new venture or project. From scholarships to fellowships to seeking public office, Dr. Jones has advised and coached me. If you’re looking to grow as an emerging leader, become clear on your vision, have a strategic path to executing said vision, and doing so in an inclusive and people-centered way, then Dr. Jones’ services are for you.

Headshot of Shruti Desai at Duke University

Shruti Desai, Ed.D.
Associate Vice President of Student Affairs for Student Engagement
Duke University

Our young professionals benefitted from their time with

Dr. Buck Jones in mapping their professional trajectory. The individuals spoke highly of the community they built with each other and how they appreciated her professional mentoring. They received skills in networking, mentoring, goal setting, and strategic planning which has made them stronger professionals for our organization.

Headshot of Amber Thomas from Centennial Conference

Amber Thomas
Coordinator of Sports Administration and Championships
Centennial Conference

Working with Dr. LaTanya Buck Jones on our DEI strategic plan was an enlightening and transformative experience. Her profound expertise and personalized approach not only simplified a complex process but also ensured our plan deeply resonated with our conference's values. LaTanya's commitment, effective communication, and ability to harmonize the diverse ideas of our membership constituents was pivotal in the success of developing our DEI strategic plan.

Jennifer McDonnell.png

Jennifer McDonnell
Organizational Development and Learning Manager
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center 

I am incredibly grateful to have LaTanya Buck Jones as one of the facilitators for "Developing Scientific Leaders," the Danforth Center's leadership development program. She creates a safe and engaging space by honing in on the intricate topic of inclusive and conscious leadership. LaTanya ensures that learners feel heard and truly value their contributions to the discussion.
Her expertise and authentic passion for this critical work radiates throughout the session, transforming the learning experience into something more than insightful—it becomes genuinely enjoyable and actionable. Huge shout out to her for helping to make an impact on our leadership journey.

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