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Signature Coaching Program

Inclusive Leadership Coaching for Senior Leaders

Inclusive Leadership Coaching for Senior Leaders, Executives, and Managers

FORMAT: Group or 1:1 coaching

DURATION: 12 weeks

Currently accepting new clients


FOR: Executives, Senior Leaders, Managers: people who lead other people and are responsible for organization-wide and/or unit-level strategy, policy, oversight, and leader development


  • explore how aspects of your identities, socialization, views, etc. shape your individual leadership style and decision-making

  • understand concepts and realities -- such as implicit bias, stereotype threat, imposter syndrome, microaggressions, systemic oppression, etc. -- that adversely impact individuals and groups within workplace and learning environments

  • learn strategies to incorporate inclusive leadership practices into your leadership style and organizational policies, practices, etc.

  • ...and more! 

The Red Brick Road also offers personalized 1:1 executive & leadership coaching and customized group coaching services. Some clients' goals have included engagement around career planning, executive presence, strategic leadership, effective communication, and goal-setting & prioritization, etc.

Contact us here if you're interested in a signature program or schedule a free consultation call:

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T: 314.305.2280

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Mailing Address: The Red Brick Road Consulting and Coaching - P.O. Box 63284 - St. Louis, MO 63163

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