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Focused executive and leadership coaching helps emerging leaders, middle managers, and senior executives identify and achieve professional and personal goals that are both strategic and practical. Through targeted coaching, we guide you through a series of processes that will enhance key competencies, grow your decision-making skills, advance your organizational goals, and improve your performance, to name a few. Coaching is aimed at helping you reach your full potential as a leader. 

As our foundational focus is inclusive and conscious leadership, our coaching is structured to integrate related conceptual and theoretical elements throughout our engagement. We work with you to design a learning strategy that promotes self-awareness, aids in transformative change, and offers essential challenge and support. While The Red Brick Road’s consulting, workshop/training, and team engagements may be delivered by our team, all coaching services with clients are provided by our founder, LaTanya Buck Jones, at this time. 

1:1 Executive and Leadership Coaching 

Signature Group Coaching Programs 

Full-Day Coaching Intensive

Advisory & Consulting Services 

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Dr. LaTanya Buck Jones is an outstanding communicator, strategic thinker, and executive coach who has deep knowledge of the critical issues facing organizational leaders, particularly with respect to issues of equity and inclusion. Additionally, her decades-long experience as a senior executive in higher education provides her with a broad and deep perspective on the complexities of leadership, and strategies for working with individuals to identify, shape and maximize an authentic and impactful leadership style. 

Dr. Lori S. White
DePauw University

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T: 314.305.2280

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Mailing Address: The Red Brick Road Consulting and Coaching - P.O. Box 63284 - St. Louis, MO 63163

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