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LaTanya Buck Jones, Founder of The Red Brick Road



of The Red Brick Road

The Red Brick Road symbolizes charting one’s course and forging ahead to explore opportunities and possibilities unseen for greater achievement. I am in the change and transformation business… for organizations and individuals. In consulting, I work with you to build an impactful and sustainable strategy for your inclusion and equity goals. Through coaching, we work together to raise awareness and the potential to maximize results through recognizing your strengths and opportunities for leadership development. Coaching has the power to transform one’s self and organization through its leadership.

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As a certified executive and leadership coach, I utilize a multidimensional approach to coaching --- beyond the role, title, and functions. As the grounding foundation of my work, I integrate inclusive leadership principles and personal & social identity theories into my coaching practices with individuals and groups. I have coached teams and individuals on transition & change, prioritization & goal-mapping, communicating across difference, and inclusive & conscious leadership. I am also trained in restorative practices, intergroup dialogue, and group facilitation.


Prior to leading The Red Brick Road, I served as the inaugural dean for diversity and inclusion at Princeton University, where I was hired to provide a vision, strategy, integrated programs, and assessment measures for DEI to enhance the University’s diversity goals. I have also served in leadership roles across multiple organizations to establish departments' infrastructure and staffing models; develop multi-year strategic DEI plans; and create implementation strategies. With 20+ years’ progressive leadership experience in diversity efforts, I have extensive experience creating and building organizational structures; developing leadership curricula and assessment measures; and consulting with executive leaders on diversity strategy planning and inclusive leadership.

While The Red Brick Road’s consulting and team services may be delivered by our collective, all 1:1 coaching sessions with clients are led by me. serve as a trusted advisor and confidential resource for leaders; this can include exploring complex management issues to bouncing potential scenarios before rolling out decisions and communications. I remain accessible and flexible throughout the coaching relationship. I look forward to serving you… as a coach, consultant, or both!

Yours in service, 

LaTanya Buck Jones, PhD

Principal Consultant & Inclusive Leadership Coach

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T: 314.305.2280

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Mailing Address: The Red Brick Road Consulting and Coaching - P.O. Box 63284 - St. Louis, MO 63163

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